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"Vatersland": Now on DVD & as VoD

"Vatersland" is now available on DVD and as VoD in the W-film online store as well as in regular stores. Following her award-winning documentary "In Search of Memory" about Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, director Petra Seeger processes her own past as a girl growing up in a male-dominated post-war society in her first feature film - perceptive, feminist and at the same time immensely entertaining and humorous. The family photos and 16mm film footage used in the film come from the director's private archive.


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"La Clave": Intoxicating German premiere in Munich

»A sweeping portrait of Cuba's music and dance scene with extensive insights and no clichés.« spielfilm.de

What actually makes Cuban music so special? Quite clearly: "More energy than sugar and more hallucination than tobacco!" said music historian and protagonist Dr. Olavo Alén at the German premiere of "La Clave - The Secret of Cuban Music" yesterday evening, September 7, in Munich. The lively music documentary will be released in cinemas nationwide from September 15. 



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»A cinematic gem!« Galore Interviews

„Vatersland“ is now available as VoD and available on DVD from the 23rd of September in W-film Online-Shop and retail. 

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WEATHER MAKERS: Successful premiere in Frankfurt!

»A documentary as frightening as it is impressive!« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 

Rarely has one wished for a making-of as much as of Stanislaw Mucha's film "Wettermacher"! The whimsical documentary about three meteorologists celebrated its German premiere on August 17 at Mal Seh'n Kino in Frankfurt. 


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WEATHER MAKERS: Premiere with special guests in Frankfurt

On August 17 at 6 p.m. the whimsical documentary "Weather Makers" by Polish director Stanislaw Mucha will celebrate its German premiere at the "Mal Seh'n Kino" in Frankfurt am Main! Guests in the subsequent film discussion are director Stanislaw Mucha and producer Markus Belde (Zinnober Film). Tickets for the premiere are available online or at the box office.


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